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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> there is a suspect with the eight year-old has been arrested. police announced that the murder suspect is the 12 year-old brother. >> at 5:10 and they arrested the 12 year-old brother at the valley springs subbed station on charges of homicide. during the past 15 days, we have conducted an extensive investigation on these types of cases for
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several months of the time. it was our commitment to make sure that we did a thorough job. >> we are not showing you video of the brother because he is a minor. they have been looking for a suspect with gray hair but they came up empty. this case is still ongoing and it would not make any other comments on the investigation at this time. >> authorities are investigating a fatalafter concord police say a car with two suspects inside tried to mow down officers. witnesses say that's when police pulled the trigger. barcelona circle. kron 4's mike pelton brings us the neighbors account of what happened >> it was like pop pop pop >>reporter: more than 12 hours after the shooting, evidence markers and blood still stain this antioch street >> just heard boom boom boom gunshots
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>> it was a bizarre night, not a lot of sleep. >> jacqueline: neighbors tell me the man shot and killed late friday night is charles burns, a man in his 20s. neighbors and friends tell me authorities tried to serve a search warrant on burns at his home friday evening, when he apparently fled in this pickup truck, before getting out and trying to run >> i look up, the guy is gone in the street, he was dead the cops were shooting at him >>reporter: despite repeated requests for comment, concord police have not released any details on this incident. during the shooting a bullet went flying through a neighbors window and into her living room. >> i am sure he wasn't armed, he just didn't want to go to jail tie with probably sweetest guy on our street >>reporter: while authorities continue to investigate - neighbors guy.
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run we're now learning that concord police were trying to serve a search warrant for the residence based on suspected drug sales. the suspect driving the car has been arrested and booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, which in this case was the car he was driving. >> with 97-percent approval, concession stand workers at a-t-and-t park. today, authorizing a strike.and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports. money and health care benefits are the worker's >> these people have been without a contract since 2010. these workers at the san francisco giants stadium to not feel appreciated. >> we do a very good job and we serve the fans. we take care of the hands and this is how we have been treated. >> we understand and how a
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business is wrong but we all ask for their treatment. >> but a vote of 500-16 workers authorized a five- day strike. >> is going to happen tomorrow. >> the local union negotiation is and talks with the concession with the giants. they want a fair wage increases that has been frozen since 2010. and they also want to maintain health care coverage. >> there is been a two different world series victories. the value of the team has gone up by 40 percent. everything has gone up, the tickets, the prices, the beer, the food, except the wages. they have made a counter offer of 20 lives and for the year 2013, 2014. and a by hundred dollars
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bonus with the exception of no retroactive wage increases. >> you can figure out 255 an hour * 3 years! you have to do the mathematics. >> at at&t park, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> now, the union says that it is at $10.45 per hour. and $13 per hour for employes that do not receive gratuities. and the concession company is contracted out by the giants. >> we've found is that it was unfortunate because these negotiations are ongoing. we would like to see the negotiations continue at the bargaining table next week we value of
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our employees and killed this is a valuable contract that would continue to provide employees with the highest wages in the country. and the best health care benefits. we cannot anticipate in the labor action. we consider that this is still on the bargaining table giants fans or call will not kept any interruption in service. and we will have to use volunteers if needed. >> they have been at the bargaining table five times, with the sixth meeting scheduled next week. >> temperatures inland were in the '90s. livermore, 94! 70's for the north bay but it was cooler along the bay with a lot of fog. readings in oakland, san mateo, mid- 70s. and these readings
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were of about 10-15 degrees over what we saw, yesterday. it is going to be warmer for tomorrow. look for more warmth as we go towards mother's day. here is the view from the golden gate bridge. we can see plenty of fog. it is going to press into the bay for this evening. cloudy skies for oakland, a word but i think that it will remain clear. a little bit of morning fog but it should clear, quickly. with a warmer day on sunday 74 degrees in san francisco. 80s for san jose and 90's inland. big changes on monday. top priority. a man is left with serious injuries after being while police hunt for the suspect, kron 4's alecia reid tells us what initiated the attack.
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>>reporter: pacifica police are searching for this manaround midnight april 27th police say the suspect got into an accident on southbound highway 35 near hickey boulevard. both him and the driver of the other vehicle stopped at the fairmont shopping center to exchange information. when the victim opened the glove compartment to get his paperwork, police say the suspect bludgeoned him in the face and head with the deck of a skateboard multiple times.leaving the victim with serious injuries. been among beating somebody with a skateboard over the head? >> he is a terrible thing and this day and age. people should have more respect for one another is terrible. i hope they catch them. >> it is very scary if you keep going and you could also get control from the police so what do you do? it is sad, very sad.
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>>reporter: the suspect is described as a black man between 17 and 23 years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall with dark eyes, police are also looking to question the passenger that was in the suspect's car. she's considered black, anywhere from 17 to 23 years old, with dark eyes, black hair and a chubby build. the getaway car is a blue 4 door sedan with minor to moderate damage on the driver side front quarter panel -- with silver paint transferred from the victim's car. in pacifica, alecia reid kron 4 news. >>pam coming up on kron 4 news at 8. commencement exercises interrupted at uc berkeley by protestors. we tell you why. girl missing tonight. from her uncle's home. what police are looking for. and as horrifying details come out about the cleveland abductions of three girls, other kidnap victims who are speaking out. details, next.
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>> as horrifying details emerge about the captivity and torture authorities say three women endured for some 10 years in a cleveland, ohio home, other kidnapping survivors are speaking out. cristina mutchler has more on what they had to say. >>reporter: the fbi took no guns to seal of this see more avenue home saturday after collecting evidence. it is an abandoned building next the house where they are accused of holding three women and a child captive for 10 years. neighbors are still in shock. >> i never saw any type of activity that made me think that something was going on out of the ordinary. >> after barely one week of freedom they can begin the road to recovery. there are still questions on how this could have happened. or why
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the woman could not survive sooner. the survivor says that unless you have been through it would not understand it. >> the control when you eat, go to ththroom, and even ifou can drink water. and anything, everything you get to do they are in total control. >> in 1995, this victim was reunited after three months of physical and sexual violence at the hands of a kidnapper. although is a long road ahead the healing will continue. >> huge need to do what is best for you and know that your family and community are there to support you in anyway. >> opera women are out of a hospital. this man is being held in a 9 x 9 jail cell on rape charges. christine m. alter, kron 4
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news. a 15-year-old girl is still missing tonight. margarita chavez was first reported missing from her uncle's home in fremont last sunday. she may be traveling with 30-year-old ryan griggs in a stolen pickup truck. the stolen truck is a white ford f-150 with a white suspension. police do not believe she was abducted. hispanic. nearly five feet tall with brown hair and eyes. griggs is a white man. standing six feet two inches with blond hair and blue eyes. >> not just friends and family. but protestors turned out for the u.c. berkeley onethe protest was in response to commencement speaker attorney general eric holder. resignation of law school professor john yoo, the protesters from, the world can't wait, contend the obama administration and the justice department could is dragging the process out. >> he says that congress won't guantanomo. that's not true the president has the authority under the national defense authorization act to shut down guantanomo yesterday. he could do it, he doesn't want to do it. eric holder
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is here and also this university is harboring a war criminal on the faculty, john yoo, so we're here for both of them today to say that neither of these people should be held up as role models for university students and law graduates. >> attorney general eric holder addressed the law school graduates. professor john yoo authored what is known as the torture memo which authorized enhanced interrogation methods by thetr the bush administration. >> we did have some high clouds for this evening. this time lapse from the bay bridge. notice, on the left side and low clouds pressing into the bay for tonight. a lot of low cloudiness and san francisco. take a look at the roof from kron 4. see anything. the fog is at street level, windy, cold, and pointed out of the inland valleys it is warmer. and temperatures in the '90s
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earlier today. the fog could be clearing with high clouds here, there. and a early fog but sunshine coming our way. and that fog will clear away much quicker. producing warmer temperatures. and things will change completely on monday. we will see the onshore winds cranking up and double me for cooler temperatures. the satellite, with high clouds. and cranking up the-cooler temperatures. -- >> and these wet weather is near the pacific northwest where it is going to stay. as this presses that win over washington and oregon. some high clouds but otherwise mostly sunny skies. as this transitions through the pacific northwest this will increase the moisture.
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temperatures will cool off on monday. the fog tracker, by 7:00 a.m.. we will have fog and clouds of early during the day. and to c nine these inland. '70s for san 80s in san mateo, oakland and the seven day around the bay. after tomorrow, the wind will
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crank up on monday. temperatures will decrease. but a bit of a warm-up tuesday, wednesday with more sunshine. the fog will return. dozens of parents and their children turned out in hopes of saving the ice rink at san mateo's bridge port center on saturday. the busy fourteen year old rink is threatened with closure because the developer wants to replace it with retail space. the city council not to change the zoning laws which space to be an ice rink. >> a zoning change will have to occur and go through the approval process by the planning commission. the city has sent out emails saying there is nothing we fe can do about it, they can terminate the lease with this operator and that's probably true but there is many other operators. there can be other operators and we can't tell them who can be the operator but we can say we want our ice rink >> what it means is there are a lot of our kids who won't be able to ice skate
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and we're going to lose a generation of kids and at some point the community has to step up and say we need things for our kids. >> the city council needs to schedule two more meetings to address the zoning changes facing the ice rinks future, good news for air travelers.a paramedic -- arrested on he has not been linked to the april 17th explosion. reed reportedly remains explosion. in which he lost friends. and continues to help his community rebuild. responders that helped in the aftermath of the explosion. but two days afterwards he was let go from west e-m-s for unknown reasons. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere.
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>> the faa has been granted flexibility on spending cuts. with contractor run towers will no stay open. the several measures are being attended. being -- ending. of people behaving badly. and coming up. s story about when stanley roberts took on dogs being brought into eating establishments! that's ahead. plus. it's more than a footrace it's a san francisco original. bay to breakers is coming sunday, may 19th. along the course -- giving you two hours of coverage so you won't miss a step. we are now 8 days to this year's bay to breakers. bay to breakers, happening sunday may 19th.
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>> you may have heard. kron- 4's stanley roberts was attacked while shooting a people behaving badly story, we want to update you on his condition -- he is fine, resting at home. he will be along with the video of his attack. but for now, we bring you the best of 'people behaving badly'ecause of what happened recently according to a witness who posted what happened on a
8:26 pm
blog known as a dog was denied entry inside the starbucks.oh my good this is unheard of a pet being denied entry in a bay area eating establishment the funny thing if you look around concord i found only a hand full of signs regarding pets in stores this jamba juice has a sign so does this jack in the box in fact they had the largest sign and somehow pets and bikes are in the same category the truth is the california health and safety code forbids any pet from entering fodd establishments except working dogs so the lady that entered a starbucks with a cat on a leash does not qualify as a service animal but i want to hear what people had to say about the dog getting ejected i think it's ok to leave your dog out side of the restaurant i really do. i think people take too much time to drag there dog to the restaurant i'm with my
8:27 pm
dog today he is fine outside >> i don't have a problem with as long as it's under the ownerd control on leash >> i just think that if it wasn't a licenced dog it should stay out >> important to note a non service dog in a restaurant could result in a poor health rating if a health inspector happens along pets in restaurant will always be a hit topic but i can tell you this after the word got out about the starbuck there was collecive applause. go figure in concord stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at a deadly hostage situation that's still going tonight. coming up, we take you to the home where a man has barricaded himself. humbolt man who is suspected of killing his family. dangerous. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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>> there is been a
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are rested and the eight year-old in northern california. just one hour ago, the announcement is the main suspect is the 12 year- old brother. >> the couple year-old brother was are rested at the police station in charge tam of homicide. during the past 15 days, we have conducted an extensive investigation. these types of cases require a certain amount of time. it was our commitment to make sure that we did a thorough job. >> we are not showing you video of the brother because he is a minor. the case is still ongoing. no further comments have been made on this investigation. she was stabbed to death on april
8:31 pm
27th. >> at least two people are reportedly dead in a hostage stand-off in trenton, new jersey. and it's not over yet. police are trying to talk a barricaded gunman inside this home into releasing his hostages and surrendering. they've been at it since sources say a woman and a child are dead. and there inside. officers have been negotiating with that man inside all night, even giving him a meal at his request. residents in the area have been evacuated. >> police in northern california are searching for a humboldt county man who is accused of killing his wife sheriff's are looking for 45-year-old shane miller. it all began tuesday night in the rural community of shingletown when his wife and two daughters were found shot to death inside their home. now swat teams from three counties. a team from the california department of corrections. as well as federal and local law enforcement have all joined forces to find miller. he is still at large and considered armed and extremely dangerous. the f-b-i is securing the
8:32 pm
property next door to the home of ariel castro in cleveland. with kidnapping and raping three women and holding them captive in his home for a decade. the women were discovered and freed earlier this week. agents spent this morning boarding up and sealing off the abandoned house. they had previously searched the home and garage on thursday. the rescued women in ohio who were missing for years have a long road to recovery. elizabeth smart knows what they're going through. she was kidnapped and held hostage when she was a teenager. stephanie elam spoke with her. >> "i just think that it's more confirmation and more proof that happy endings do exist." elizabeth smart, who says
8:33 pm
she's thrilled for the three women freed in ohio, knows first hand about happy endings. in june of 2002 -- when she was just 14 years old -- smart was kidnapped from her bedroom by brian david mitchell. he held her hostage until she was discovered walking down the street with mitchell five miles from her home some nine months later. >> "how do you even digest that kind of time?" >> "i don't even think you can. i was only gone for 9 months and i felt like that imagine 9, 10, 12 years. it's unbelievable but i think it just says a world about the courage and the strength of each of these women." women who despite their strength may be overwhelmed by all of the attention, says smart, while at the same time trying to process >> "it's a different route for everybody. for me, my family, my religion, the support of my community have all been a huge factor in my recovery. and it can be a very dark, hard journey but time passes and just take it day by day." >> "is it possible to fully recover from a situation like this?" i recovered. i'm recovered but at the same time, i i'm a better person than i was yesterday." and despite what was taken
8:34 pm
from her, smart can forgive. >> "forgiving someone doesn't necessarily mean you have to invite them to your home for sunday dinner >> you can forgive them and have nothing more to do with them and move on with your own life." it's a message from her mother that smart would share with the rescued women. >> "this man has taken so much of your life -- there just aren't words strong enough to describe how wicked and evil he is, but the best punishment that you could ever give him is to be happy. because by dwelling on the past and holding on to the pain and hurt that you've had to go through, that's only allowing him to steal more of your life away from you and he doesn't deserve that." stephanie elam, cnn, salt lake city. >> sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut is how going to be torn down. the demolition comes nearly five months after the
8:35 pm
massacre of 20 children and six women. a 28-member task force has decided a new school will be built on the site. the vote on *that was unanimous. the task force members received forty possible options for new building sites. they finally decided against moving or renovation, deciding instead to start anew. when it came to boston bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev, russia wasn't exactly forthcoming with the united states. tsarnaev sent text messages to his mother about his interest in joining a militant group. but russia never mentioned that to the united states. a u-s law enforcement official now tells c-n-n russia withheld details about tsarnaev from u-s officials in 2011. while that information could have altered the course authorities followed, sources tell the wall street journal the united states would likely withhold similar details from russia. otherwise, it could divulge the country's methods and sources of the intelligence. come we can see the sunset at the san mateo bridge. with high clouds over the
8:36 pm
bay area, a beautiful evening. w those tonight, tomor. it should not impact the weather on the sunday with another warm day on mother's day. we have the fog toward san bruno. temperatures are cool. mid '50s. richmond, 55 degrees. inland, we are in the '90s it is still warm. 83 degrees right now. mostly clear skies with the exception of high clouds. the fog will continue along the north bay valleys early put it should clear by 9:00 a.m. much faster than today. sunshine by the bay and even for the beaches. looking for a degrees in santa cruz. 60s in half moon bay. ocean beach, pacifica. '70s and
8:37 pm
stinson beach. but it breaks of sunshine in the afternoon and that things will be cooler on monday. >> the bay to breakers is getting ready on sunday, may 19th. sponsored by craigslist. and downtown will end at the breakers. however, this route will be a little bit different! the biggest change is eliminating backpacks. the boston tragedy prompted organizers to band organized backpacks. and also anybody that wants to participate must register.
8:38 pm
anny but without a number will be removed. >> they said it no drinking at the bay to breakers? >> and while creative costumes are still encouraged others are banned including alcohol. and that has been the case for several years with 30,000 participants are expected. the added security measures will require them to be at the start line before 7:00 a.m.. and of course we will have coverage. as a reminder, just eight days away. one >> the bottle of rock music
8:39 pm
festival is continuing. kings of leon, jackson browne. with this emphasis on food & wine. >> everybody performing is amazing. the best food, drinks. >> i cannot believe workings of leon. >> it was amazing, the blues traveler, john harper. it is wonderful, the food is amazing i could not be happier. >> anything you want. from a beef, wine. >> everybody is having a great time. the festival will continue tomorrow with zack brown. coming up a new report for new moms.
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how soon is too soon to start working out after having a baby? being a mother sure can be busy. but, experts say exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone, and new moms are no exception. so how soon is too soon to start working out after having a baby? and what are some other benefits besides weight loss? susan hendricks has those answers. there you'll want to get the bp wake of in a easy slow approach. >> women that had a condition like gestational
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flightcar. the owner will lead in and enter their trouble information and dates. they will be greeted by an attendant and that car is added to the rental inventory. you can receive $10 per day on top of the guaranteed free parking. it will also get a free car wash and a attend and will pick them up at curbside. and this is a floral prescreening of the rentals before handing over the keys with full coverage is required. so of the than mileage it does not seem to be a big risk. but it is a bit weird having a stranger
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use your car. this is running on trusting other people to take care of your car. how to >> plenty of sunshine. with the 94 decrees in livermore. 20 degrees above average of
8:48 pm
94 degrees in livermore today. take a look at the golden gate bridge is completely socked in with fog. and plenty of fog along the street all.street level. things will change even at the golden gate, it will clear, quickly. sunshine and locations by the bay. eventually, some sunshine. temperatures increasing for the '70s and '80s in oakland. 80s in redwood city. and low mid '80s for the inland valleys big changes. the sea breezes are increasing for the north. it will warm things up as records tuesday, wednesday with sunshine. as we go towards tuesday-with futurecast, tomorrow noticed 90's for the inland areas
8:49 pm
and the gis for the south- bay. locations near the bay with 80s. notice, the readings are about 10 degrees cooler. for mother's day, sunshine and '80s in san jose. evergreen, getting into the mid upper 80s. low mid 90's and pittsburgh, fairfield, 92 degrees. but warmer along the bay with upper 70's. '70s in san francisco. your kron 4 7 day around the bay even 40 m.p.h. sea breezes on monday bringing temperatures down, sharply. but a warm-up tuesday, wednesday. fog on friday.
8:50 pm
>> you know your dress is a fashion faux pas when robin williams start tweeting about it. his target? famous floral gown that she wore to a gala. jeanne moos shows us how the latest fashion critic is none other than mrs. doubtfire. it was the floral bomb heard round the fashion world. all week people have ragged on kim kardashian's dress. >> that dress is horrendous the one she wore to a star studded gala at new york's metropolitan museum. >> it's too busy she should really calm down. a dress in which kim's pregnancy bloomed. >> i thought you'd be sympathetic cause you're pregnant, you want to let it all hang out? yeah that's not my style.
8:51 pm
amid all those famous figures, from beyonce wearing a train to sarah jessica wearing a mohawk headpiece, only kim had the honor of being compared to a couch. buzzfeed even showed her as if she were a couch. but the decorating digs didn't end there. >> it's a little carpet >> it's a little bit wall papery >> like a drape people even made fun of the gloves attached to the sleeves.dubbed "gleeves by the website "fashionista." but the cruelest cut came from robin williams, who tweeted out this split screen of kim kardashian and his character mrs. doubtfire. robin williams' tweet read "i think i wore it better." >> he did. he certainly did. he did yes >> want to go for a dip? oh great good how about you mrs. doubt fire? >> oh no dear i think they've outlawed whaling but this "us weekly" cover proves kim kardashian isn't shy about showing skin.even though the new york post screamed "would someone please tell kim she's pregnant." >> she shouldn't have to cover herself up. she's allowed to look like this if she wants to s>> he's a fashion risk taker and she's doing it
8:52 pm
while pregnant too. yeah i commend her for the risk. >> i gained 80 pounds while i was pregnant. we need to lay off, it's not fair. but it is an atrocious choice. the givenchy designer who created the choice, ricardo tisci, dresses lots of celebs. >> work it madonna work it from madonna to rooney mara. tisci told women's wear daily."to me, pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in the world, and when you celebrate something, you give people flowers. i think she looked amazing." so c'mon ladies, maybe kim deserves a pat on the back.because her back is probably aching. >> she's definitely carrying the baby in a lot of places. jeanne moos, >> i didn't even know what a kardashian was. i had to ask my friend, what's a kardashian, a rug? cnn, >> fan-bloody-tastic coming up after the break. have a gooood nig. here youou go. you, , too.
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at the movies this weekend, leonardo dicaprio is "the great gatsby." carl azuz has a preview. carrie mulligan and tobey mcgwiure rated pg 13 'peeples' crashed the
8:56 pm
hamptons reunion but the this is aslo rated pg 13 madison bumgarner struck out a season high eleven batters over seven innings as the giants went on to beat the braves ten-to-one. the left hander only gave up four hits and two walks while snapping a string of four starts without a win. gregor blanco entered the game as a pinch hitter in the fifth and ended up driving in a career high four runs. the win gives the giants a half game lead on the rockies for first place. four game series with the braves tomorrow when starter tim lincecum takes the mound. stephen curry is officially listed as a game time decision for sunday's game four against the san antonio spurs. curry rolled his left ankle in last nights 102-to-92 loss.
8:57 pm
curry didn't participate in today's practice. x-rays on his ankle were negative and no m-r-i exam has been scheduled. game four is tomorrow at 12:30. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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met gala fashion hits and misses. kim kardashian compared to a couch. >> why is the media being so mean? she is pregnant. i'm brooke anderson. >> i'm rob marciano. >> wow, wow, wow, honey! >> j. lo's animal attraction, sarah jessica's mohawk. >> teaming up with vowing and kim's floral fiasco? >> i love fashion. >> mtv team mom turned adult film star. >> there is word you made $1 million? >> her only interview and why she doesn't want her sex tape compared to kim's. >> i don't agree with everything she's done in her life. >> et's oprah world exclusive.

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